Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Importance of a Good Hairstyle

The hair is an important part of the human body. It can go a long way in complementing your age and attire. Many people neglect their hair, often assuming any style, as long as it does not make them look awful. Unfortunately, most people end up looking average most of their lives, because of being reluctant in exploring new options. For the best results, it is advisable to consider consulting with a professional hairstylist to recommend the best hairstyle. They can help you look your best by emphasizing your strong points. The importance of a good hairstyle includes:

· Enhance your personality

The right hairstyle can help improve the appearance of a person. It has the capacity of transforming a person from boring to exciting. A good one can enhance your look and personality. Therefore, you should not settle for mediocre. The childhood one may appear to be the ideal hairstyle for an individual's quality of hair and facial features. However, they are others that work out better for most people. If you are a professional, you can get one that will improve your professional outlook and if you work in the entertainment industry, a trendy one can come handy.

· Complements your features

The right hairstyle needs to match the shape of your face. When you find a good hair stylist he/she will know how to style your hair by taking into consideration the shape of your face, be it circular, broad or elongated. He/she will conceal and enhance certain facial features. In addition to the facial features, the professional factors in the length of the hair and the type of the hair when choosing one. To help clients make an informed decision, some of the hairstyling professionals use computerized images of their clients with different hairstyles. They may give recommendations because they have a more realistic view of which style can look best on you.

· Match your lifestyle

The right hairstyle will always complement your lifestyle. This can contribute a great deal to your success. However, as your life transitions, it is advisable to consider a new hair style to accommodate these changes. Therefore, if you are a new mom or you are a busy mom of small kids, some hairstyle may not be right for you because they require regular visits to the salon to fix them right. During this stage in life, you need a hairstyle that is easy to manage, while making you look presentable. Furthermore, during this period you are indoors most of the time and as a result, a fancy hair style may not help.

By Mkamba M Juke

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fundamental Supplements in Some of the Great Anti-Aging Creams

Women and men alike are constantly looking for better ways of fighting signs of aging. Nevertheless, before purchasing any anti-aging cream, it is important to determine its safety. To do this, you need to find out the ingredients used.

There are many products available in the market which can fit your budget, but it is more important to find a product that has all the essential ingredients in order to achieve the desired results.

When you consult with your dermatologist he/she will recommend the most appropriate ingredient for your skin type, to avoid unwanted side effects. Some of the great anti-aging skin care products contain the following fundamental supplements, including:

· Availability of peptides

It is important to find out whether a cream has peptides. There are many benefits derived from having peptides in skin care products. First and foremost, peptides play an important role in improving the hydration of the skin cells, resulting in plumping. Furthermore, peptides help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

· Availability of sun screen

Exposure to the sun is considered to be a common cause of skin damage. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a product that has features of a sunscreen. Your dermatologist is likely to recommend an anti-aging product which contains about SPF 15 or more. Creams that have SPF 15 help a great deal in protecting the skin and lips from sun damage.

· Availability of Vitamin-C

Vitamin C is an effective anti oxidant. Therefore, it is important to have Vitamin C in your anti-aging product. Vitamin C helps to protect the skin from the sun or pollution, giving your skin a brighter and younger look. Vitamin C plays a pivotal role in getting rid of wrinkles from the face. Although most of the skin care products contain Vitamin C, it is advisable to find a product that has the right quantity for better results.

· Availability of Vitamin-A

You need to be on the lookout for retinal in the anti-aging product. Retinal is normally enriched with Vitamin A and thus, acts as an anti oxidant. It helps to increase the buildup of collagen which plays an important role in reducing skin discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, it provides the skin with the correct tightening. Retinal affects the skin tone, color and texture.

· Availability of Vitamin-E

Vitamin E is recommended for achieving a smooth, younger looking and healthier skin. It helps to provide the skin with protection from the harmful effects of ultra violet rays, in the form of enhanced aging.

By Imma Sila

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fat Grafting: A Natural Breast Augmentation Technique

Fat grafting is proving to be one of the safer ways to effect breast augmentation, breast lift and breast enlargement. Fat grafting has fewer risks than implants. Unlike implants, fat grafting doesn't have the risk of leaking a foreign substance into the body. Since the patient's own fat is used for the breast augmentation, there's also no chance of the material being rejected.
Fat grafts work well for women who have had a lumpectomy or whose breasts are asymmetrical. It's also good for women who aren't particularly interested in an augmentation that would be very noticeable. This particular rejuvenation technique takes a large amount of fat to be successful. Women who are slender may be surprised to learn that they simply don't have enough extra body fat for this treatment.
The fat that will be used for a breast lift or a breast enlargement is often harvested from the fat taken from a liposuction. During a liposuction, a cosmetic surgeon uses a vacuum cannula to remove fat from unwanted places in the body. These places are often the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, knees and under the chin. However, the surgeon may simply withdraw fat from an area in the patient's body specifically for the purpose of breast augmentation. In that case, the surgeon will numb the area with a local anesthetic and withdraw the fat with a needle. The procedure takes between two and four hours. The patient can leave the doctor's office immediately and spend a weekend resting before going back to work or other activities.
The fat extraction itself will most likely cause some swelling and bruising, but these will subside after a few days.
The fat itself is sterilized and placed in a centrifuge before it's returned to the body. The sterilization removes any pathogens, and the centrifuge separates the fat cells from any liquid. In some cases, the fat can be frozen in case the patient wants to return for another augmentation. One of the risks of grafting fat into the breasts is that the fat may be reabsorbed over time. Though this is harmless, it may also lead to the patient's breasts returning to the size and shape she was unhappy with before.
The cosmetic surgeon evaluates the patient's medical history during the initial consultation to make sure she's a good candidate for the grafting. If she is, she might be given a certain type of bra to wear that will help her breasts expand. She may need to wear this device for a month to a month and half. Expanding the breasts this way allows the fat cells to find space to grow and develop a healthy blood supply. The patient will also need to wear the device for a while after the surgery.
During the grafting, the fat is injected into the breast with small cannulas made just for the purpose. The cosmetic surgeon doesn't need to make large incisions. Some doctors inject the fat drop by drop into the breast in a clockwise pattern. The fat is usually placed on top of the patient's chest muscle, which reduces pain. Some implants are inserted beneath the patient's chest wall.
More and more women are looking into this type of breast rejuvenation, and more and more plastic surgeons are willing to perform it.

By Julia Svent

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Learn New Beauty Treatment Tips For Your Next Beauty Pageant

Every woman feels good about herself when they know that they look good. Beauty treatments for some women maybe a daily ritual while for others it is an occasional thing. However, many women in the world like to keep themselves looking beautiful all the time. Some women such as models do it for a living.

Being glamorous is a daily requirement especially for a model. However, it is not wrong to be glamorous even if you are not a model. Looking good is good for your morale as well as your self-esteem. Some beauty treatments even give you a young look regardless of your real age.

Runway models participate in beauty pageants every other day. It could be a beauty pageant competition, a clothing fashion show, a designer exhibition, a charity runway event and many other events. Since fashion is artistic, there are many beauty treatments that the models use to make a statement on stage. The beauty treatment choice will however depend on the kind of event or show. The following are guidelines for some beauty treatment tips for beauty pageants:

Make sure your eye shadow is not swallowed by the lighting
Runway lighting is elaborate and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Depending on the show that you are in, make sure that you choose the right eye shadow for you. You can create a perfect blend of eye shadow that will help you to blend in. Use three different colours of eye shadow with your brush.

Start with your most basic one which is normally beige and brush from your lush line to your eyebrow. Add a shimmer eye shadow on the lids only. Finally, use an angled brush to apply a darker shade on the eyelid crease. Make sure the darker one and the shimmer one blend in well.

Use liquid eyeliner
Liquid eyeliner is strong and it lasts longer than solid eyeliner. Apply it on top of your lash line and wing out a little bit. If you have small eyes, avoid applying on the lower lash line. You can use a small eyeliner brush to add a charcoal grey eye shadow over it to create a sophisticated smoky look. Use mascara on your top lashes only. Use it sparingly to avoid clumping.

Go for a bold lipstick
Luckily for models, you can get away with anything. Get deep reds, purples, pinks and other bold lipsticks. For a pale skin go for bold and true reds. However, dark skin looks better with brick-red. Make sure you blot your lips with tissue paper after applying so that it comes out as soft lip stain.

By Alok Jaiswal 

Smartlipo in the Neck Area Is a Fast and Efficient Way to Look Young and Feel More Confident

Time Gives and Time Takes

As years go by, you get wiser, more experienced and confident. But giving you as much time unfortunately, takes something just as precious - the young look. You notice it with regret every time you look at yourself in the mirror from a certain age onwards. Fortunately, the modern-age medical technology offers a great way to get rid of this problem.

Smartlipo - a Revolutionary Method

The method is called Smartlipo. It is a fast, painless procedure the effects of which are visible almost immediately. It is based on classical liposuction/removing excess fat from parts of the body/ with a laser technology, which smooths out the skin, giving it a young look. But unlike traditional liposuction which is rather drastic on the body, Smartlipo uses laser technology and tiny incisions leaving the patient in comfort. The procedure is performed with a thread-thin laser which melts the fat and then gently sucks the melted fat out through tiny incisions. This helps avoid the pain which occurs when classical liposuction is performed. Local anesthesia is applied so the procedure can be performed on several areas at the same time. The whole procedure takes an hour or two, and then the patient recovers quickly and often can get back to work the very next day.

Quick Procedure and Easy Healing

Since the procedure is performed entirely with local anesthetic, patients get "back on track" very quickly. They don't feel the dizziness and discomfort associated with general anesthesia and can resume their daily activities quite soon. The physical recovery is fast, too. The procedure leaves minimal bruising or loss of blood, due to a special substance in the anesthetic - a revolutionary improvement in liposuction technology.

Why Is Smartlipo Suitable for Anyone

Sometimes it's necessary to undergo corrective procedures for health-related reasons or for boosting one's confidence. But aesthetic surgery is not only for people with physical or psychological problems. Smartlipo is a proof that it can comfortably be applied to anyone who wishes some imperfections in their neck area to be corrected. Since the method is quite simple using basic tools, it hardly carries any risk. Feedback shows that the clients are very happy and satisfied with the procedure and the results. Last but not least, the quick procedure and the fast recovery allow patients not to interrupt their work for long, which is a crucial factor in our hectic age in which time is money.

Distance doesn't matter

If you read this article and you happen to be far away, you don't need to worry because there is a special service designed just for people who are always on the road. It provides for all the preparatory work to be done via mail, email or phone. All you have to do are the following steps: fill out the form you can find in the company website, take photos of the areas you would like to be treated and send them via email or mail and schedule an online consultation with the specialist who performs the procedures. And that's it! You've got yourself a chance to erase some years off your face and neck and look young again. Smartlipo on the neck area is of the most common treatments among these.

By Alfred Clark

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hair Straightening And Hair Smoothening: What Is The Difference?

Straight hair is back in vogue again! For many, it never went out of fashion! Straight sophistication is a look that never really goes out of style. For those used to battling their unruly hair in humid weather, having straight hair is hard, and often unrewarding, work!

If your hair is frizzy, curly or wavy, you might be considering smoothening treatments that hide behind the exotic names like Brazilian blowout, Japanese or Keratin treatment. You might have also heard of rebonding - what is that? And how all these treatments differ from straightening?

Straightening involves using harsh chemicals and intense heat in order to change your natural hair. Of course, that spells a certain amount of damage to the hair that has been treated. Straightening treatments work by breaking apart the bonds in your hair, and then putting them back together in such a way to create a new, sleek pattern. If you're going after the pin-straight look, straightening is probably your best option! And it may be the only option if you have very curly hair.

Rebonding is another word for permanent hair straightening. The term refers to chemical changes made in the bonds of the hair to break the natural curl. The results last until the hair grows out.

Japanese straightening involves chemically relaxing your hair in order to change its natural structure and create a "blowout look". This is a permanent method that will leave your hair perfectly straight, but it can cause damage.

Smoothening will improve the texture and look of your hair, making it softer and more manageable. The effects of smoothening are better when it is done on thin hair. If you have thick curls, you can expect to end up with at best gentle waves in your hair, but no amount of smoothening can make your hair straight.

Smoothening treatments begin with washing your hair with a deep-cleansing shampoo, and applying a straightening solution. The hair is then blow-dried straight and flat ironed at a high temperature to create a waterproof seal, which ensures that the new shape holds for three to six months and cuts the duration of subsequent blow-drying.

Brazilian blowout involves applying a smoothening solution on the hair which is then blow-dried and ironed in order to activate the proteins in the product and make them bond with hair cuticles. Keratin treatment is different in a respect that the gaps in the bonds of the hair are filled with keratin. Both treatments promise to leave you with frizz-free, naturally straight, smooth, shiny and manageable hair.

By Anita Bern

The Biggest Hair Myths Uncovered

Switching hair care products often? Brushing your hair a million times a day for healthier hair? Maybe it's time to rethink these hair care trends.

Rinsing your hair with cold water makes it shinier 
You must have heard this misguided notion from 2 or 3 hairstylists. Their rationale: cold water makes the cuticles in your hair close so they reflect light better. However, there are no living cells in your hair; as such, your hair does not react to cold or hot water in any way. Instead, for a shiny glow, use conditioner and hair products that contain silicones and oils to make the cuticles smoother.

Frequent trimmings make your hair grow faster 
Hairstylists love spreading this gospel. However, Dr. Paradi Mirmirani, MD and professor of Dermatology at the University of California, begs to differ. She says that trimming the edges of your hair has zero impact on your follicles, which determine how much and how fast your hair will grow. In addition to that, hair grows at about a quarter inch in a month regardless of whether you trim it or not. Hairstylist Matt Fugate asserts however, that trimming does make your hair look longer as it gets rid of split ends. And these split ends are what makes the hair look thinner and shorter.

Give your hair a good 100 strokes each day so it can be healthy 
You probably thought that frequent brushing will redistribute the natural oils in your scalp and make your hair shinier. Or it will improve the blood circulation to your scalp and boost hair growth. But neither of these is true. Rigorous brushing creates a lot of friction in your hair, which could damage the cuticles and cause breakage. As a result, your hair looks lusterless and frizzy. Instead, brush your hair minimally and use a wide toothed comb or a ball tipped hair brush.

Less shampoo means less oil 
Dermatologist Jeffery Benabio asserts that your scalp still produces the same amount of oil despite the number of times that you shampoo your hair. Shampoo has no impact on your sebaceous gland; however, genetics and hormones do.

Grey hair is a product of stress 
A study, carried out by researchers from New York University School of Medicine and Baylor College of Medicine that suggest that stress is one of the factors that brings on grey. The study was conducted on mice and human scalp cells.

By Kathy Drap 

Self-Defense-The Most Powerful Stun Guns

You can say many things about technology, but one thing is for certain; it constantly improves our lives-sometimes at a dizzying pace. The self-defense products field is an excellent example.

In this article we will discuss what the most powerful stun guns are. As you will see, powerful stun guns have changed dramatically in the last decade. In this article we will discuss why and introduce you to the most powerful stun guns available today.

As recently as a decade ago the most powerful stun gun on the market was a 950,000 volt monster that was 9 inches tall. It had to be that big because it housed the batteries that were needed to create the power.

Advances in technology have made electroshock stun devices an effective tool for self-defense and personal safety. They are now smaller and much more powerful because of these advances.

By far the most powerful stun gun in the marketplace today is a 20,000,000 volt self-defense product. It comes in an assortment of colors including pink, black, purple and green. The stun device itself "has a rubberized armor coating that protects it and provides a firm grip in any weather conditions." It utilizes a unique set of three points of contact which makes the stun device extremely effective, and as a bonus the triple arcs create a visual display, a bright electrical burst that has a louder and more intimidating sound than any competitor. It has a convenient slide out plug that allows for easy charging and eliminates the need for batteries. It also has the popular wrist strap disable pin. When properly worn, "should the stun device be taken away from you in a struggle the disable pin will disengage preventing the product from being used against you."

Another popular model that is one of the most powerful stun guns is a 9.5 million volt personal safety product. Unlike most stun guns it does not have a built-in flashlight. It was removed to allow extra space for the rechargeable batteries. It also has a disable pin wrist strap feature and two levels of safety built-in. It comes with a lifetime warranty and includes a holster with belt loop and clip that looks like an ordinary cell phone holster.

As we mentioned, technology has allowed for huge advances in the capability of stun devices. They are smaller and more powerful than ever before. And as a bonus, they are cheaper making them a much more desirable self-defense product for personal safety.

By James Lesney 

"Bad Skin" Bridal Makeup Tips

1. Hope for a cloudy day!

Photos done under cloudy days create a beautiful 'mist' that diffuses the light captured in photography and to the naked eye in person.

These are the times where even photographers are often quite happy because their camera settings stay consistent throughout the day and it's not boiling hot to run around all day.

The pictures can turn out still very bright and not moody at all, it all depends on the photographer's settings.

With diffused light, your problematic skin will look more flat and smooth, rather than 'bumpy' and textured.

2. Opt for a good skincare regime at least 6 weeks before your wedding.

The earlier you have a good skincare regime going for you, including diet, sleep schedule, exercise, the better your skin will appear.

This tip is extremely important because your skin turns over every 2 weeks. Everything you do during this time will have what you will look like in 2 weeks.

For example, if you have bad skin currently, it's from what you were doing to yourself 2 weeks ago.

3. Don't have photos done in the morning.

Often times in the morning light, it can pick up more 'full coverage' of makeup used to conceal the problematic skin.

It is more forgiving in the afternoon where the light is more warm and glowing.

4. See a naturopath for tips on detoxing.

Skip the dermatologist because more often than most clients, they have been to the dermatologist only to have been prescribed drugs and steroids to apply that only thin out the skin.

Opt for a more natural way to detox the body.

The skin is the largest organ of your body and when your liver isn't clearing out the toxins, your skin is trying to do that for you.

It's a sign to look at something that your body is trying to tell you. Perhaps it is that you are sensitive to a certain group of foods that you are eating, or that you need to relax more and de-stress yourself.

Listen to your body, what is it telling you?

5. Use natural products and methods to help heal your skin.

The earth has abundance in what it can do to help restore your body back to it's balanced healthy state.

Earthing (putting your barefeet in the grass and soil for at least 10 min a day) helps drain away any electricity that is 'bad' for you, grounding it back into the earth. It's proven in many articles that this tip works.

Personally I've tried this method and I can confirm that it does de-stress me, in addition to spending time in the sun and nature that re-charges your body.

We are nature beings, don't forget that fact that we came from nature so to recharge, spending time outdoors definitely helps bring the body back in balance.

Tea tree oil, african black soap are two ingredients to make your very own cleanser. You can use it to cleanse your face and body that helps clear out any acne and bacteria on the surface of your skin. You can read up many articles on different recipes on how to treat the skin organically.

By Olivia Ha