Thursday, 3 July 2014

Choosing A Shampoo For Oily Hair

Oily or greasy hair can begin to look noticeably stringy and flat, even though it is naturally full. The condition quickly affects one's hairstyle, looks and self-confidence. While individuals with fine hair are most often affected by this problem, it can also affect those with thick, curly hair as well. In addition to causing dandruff, oily hair is a common cause of problems with the skin, such as acne. Ignoring this problem may lead to serious damage to the hair and lead to long term problems. Natural hair products can help once you determine the cause of the oily hair.

Sources of Oily Hair

1. Shampoos: Some shampoos are harsher than others. Some of these harsh products, when used daily actually cause the oil glands to produce additional oil. The more of these products you use, the greater the level of oil the glands sense they must produce to recover the natural moisture lost from the hair.

2. An Oily Scalp: Some people have a naturally oily scalp. The oils from the scalp transfer to the hair. Within the tissues covering the top of the head are sebaceous glands that produce sebum, providing lubrication for both hair and skin. If sebum is over-produced and absorbed by the hair, one can experience this condition.

3. Excess Brushing: Avoid brushing the hair several times daily. While brushing is an important part of maintaining the hair, it also stimulates the production of sebum in the scalp. Brushing moves the oil from the scalp to the hair making the strands oily.

4. Hormones: One's hormone levels also affect the production of hair by the glands. During times of imbalances, such as those occurring when one is going through puberty or pregnant, the glands produce excess sebum. However, once the hormone levels become regulated again, the overproduction stops.

Recommended Procedures to Use

You have no control over many of these reasons for excess oil production. You can control the application of shampoo and brushing. Use of all natural hair products, including organic shampoos instead of those containing artificial chemicals may help to reduce the amount of oil in one's hair.

When shopping for a shampoo for oily hair, look for a sulfate free shampoo or a clarifying shampoo. Apply every other day at most to prevent overproduction of sebum. Some people find a dry shampoo, such as Nioxin to be helpful. It is free of sulfates, and known for its ability to produce shinier, longer and healthier hair.

By Leonardo Clemenza 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Make Your Hair Naturally Dark And Beautiful At Home

Various colors for people's hair exist today depending on what is trending in the fashion world. Some colors such as pink, red, purple, yellow and brown among others have grown popular with the recent change in fashion. With all these changes, dark colors remain a natural option for many people. Some not blessed with it unfortunately try to figure out how to make their hair dark. However, today there are ways to turn your hair dark without using too many chemicals. Here are some of the ways:

· Coffee does the wonder

This tops the list as one of the best and most preferred ways of darkening the hair. Hair care is essential and if you are not careful, you may harm it and end up looking bad. To go about darkening hair using coffee, all you have to do is brew coffee, let it cool down when it is ready and pouring it in a bowl. Then proceed to wash your hair with the coffee in a shower. After which, you should rinse the coffee out. Use regular hair conditioner and shampoo to wash the hair again and dry it using a towel. After a while, you will see good results as coffee stains the hair giving it a natural dark look.

· Working with black walnuts

Black walnuts are another useful media for making the hair naturally black while at home. Most blonde-haired people use it because of its effectiveness. After cracking the nuts and putting them in a pot of water, you boil them. Later, you lower the heat to let the liquid in the pot cool down. Separation of the liquid from the walnuts follows after which, you can apply the liquid to your hair leaving it for up to thirty minutes. When the time is up, you rinse it in the shower and proceed to wash it with shampoo and air conditioner. Dry the hair with towel and wait for amazing results.

· Cocoa method

Chocolate comes from cocoa and this method is just as yummy as the chocolate. It involves taking a bottle full of shampoo and half emptying it. After this, you add cocoa to the rest of the shampoo in the bottle. Close the bottle tightly and shake the two components to mix them well. When this step is over, you can apply it to your hair and later wash it as often as you do. This is one of the methods with subtle effects on your hair and therefore, it is often recommended for hair with light or medium brown hues. Due to its smell, it makes it one of the most favorite methods for many people.

By Simon M Kate

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Self Defense for Women and Teens in Mall-Use Secret Common Items

I assembled some ordinary items that you may find in your house, your vacation spot, or that you may be carrying in your purse or on your person that you can use as a weapon to fend off an attacker. Before we begin discussing these common items as weapons, I'm going to teach you a basic stance and block. For the stance, Open your legs about hip width, and bend your legs, so that you have greater balance. Tuck your tail bone under you, by rolling the lower parts of your hips and pelvic bone forward. That way he won't be able to knock you off your feet so easily. A block is when you stop someone's hit or strike. Whenever you grab an item in one hand, with the other arm and fist, you are going to hold your arm and fist in a protective manner covering your head and your face. When you strike you are going to keep your hand and your fist up. Your arm is straight and not bent.

There are several reasons for maintaining a protective blocking arm. The first is psychological. An attacker is looking to intimidate you fast. He is also looking for an easy target, to get what he wants in a quick manner. When you are in a defensive posture, right away he might think twice because you do not appear as an easy, and defenseless target. The second reason is that you are actually covering your face and head from his view. You are blocking his vision of where to strike you first. But you can see him from under your arm. You have an advantage. The other more critical reason, is that he might strike first with everything he has. A block will deflect a lot of the power of the hit. It's better to injure your arm then your head or face. Also a blocking arm can be used to push him back.

If you strike him hard enough in a vulnerable point, he could fall forward and crash right into you with his head or body. Better that he makes contact with your blocking arm and not your head, and he won't be able to grab hold of you as he falls. The other reason, if he has a weapon, he is going to attack your head first, because he believes that is the quickest way to intimidate you and gain control. If he knocks you in the head with something hard you are going to be dazed. Use your arm to block from the start and you will have a greater chance of defending yourself. Last a blocking arm can immediately turn into a strike.

Here are some common items that can be used as a weapon: A purse or bag which could include a backpack, or messenger bag, cell phone, hair brush, aerosol spray bottle, pen, small umbrella, heel of your shoe, newspaper or magazine that will be rolled up.

We are going to review all these items to teach you how to use these common items to your advantage against an attacker. I would also like you to point out, that one important weapon is missing, and is deliberately missing and that is any KNIVES. The reason for that is very simple. It's an obvious dangerous weapon that your attacker will definitely use against you if he has the chance. So, I want to show you how to use common items that your attacker won't suspect as weapons, and can hurt him. A knife or any gun is absolutely the last resort defense!

You don't want to give your attacker any ideas, or deadly weapons, that he can turn on you. Bringing a knife into any confrontation heightens a confrontation to a potential lethal fight. Frankly, you don't want to survive a horrible sexual assault attempt, or violent attack and then have a harrowing legal battle, to defend your choice of using a knife. If you killed a man with a knife, the court might not see it as self-defense. If you knocked a man out with a bowl from your cabinet, they are definitely viewing that as self-defense.

I know it sounds a bit crazy, but that is how the legal system can view the use of a deadly weapon such as a knife or a gun. It's the last resort.

So let's begin now. A heavy purse or bag is going to be very effective weapon. The area that you are going to hit with a purse is the groin or nose. Push, or slam the purse right between his legs. If you can do it multiple times, you do it with as much force as you can. If you have long straps, you need to grab the purse real close on the bag, because your straps may tear away, and then you lose your purse or bag and all the contents within. If it's a heavy bag it might be a bit unwieldy. You will maneuver the bag between you and him, in a block of defense. This is what I would do to start.

If you have the bag across you, if you have it draped on one shoulder, you would maneuver in front of you, don't waste time by taking it from across your shoulder. If he is trying to hit you, you can grab the purse and slam it up hard into his nose, this is a great block. Also if he is coming at you with a more deadly weapon, that could puncture skin or stab you, you can put your purse between him and your body to protect yourself from the weapon. Better that a knife or a sharp weapon hits your purse instead of puncturing a vital organ or causes serious harm. You can do this with a few different types of bags, purses or backpacks.

A cell phone. Obviously one of the best helps a phone gives you is your ability to call for help. However you should be aware that you can actually use it as an effective weapon. It's hard, durable and compact. You have it at home, and usually on your person, or in your bag. You are going to take it in your hand like you are holding a bottle of water and you are going to hit hard into the attacker's groin, right between his legs.

Swing hard up into his groin. If you can hit him multiple times aim for the groin, again and again. Hey guess what you can always get a new phone! If he attacks from the back, swing the phone down and into his groin. Even though he may attack you from the back, you will still have your arm up in a defensive block. In one moment he may be attacking from the back and a moment later, he is attacking you from the front, so keep your blocking arm, is still up and ready. If you need a follow up strike your blocking arm is ready to strike.

Also if he is facing you, and he is in very tight, and you don't have room to swing it, hold the phone in both hands by the ends if you can and slam the phone straight into his nose. Hit him multiple times if you can manage it. Hit him hard in the eardrum. If you are holding the phone in one hand, the other arm comes up as a blocking arm. The last resort, drive a straight shot into the side of his head at the (temple area.) That will hurt. If you still have your phone after all of that, and it's still working, keep it as you run and call for help.

My next item is a hairbrush. Brushes come in many sizes and shapes, some with handles and some without. If you can grab a brush without too much difficulty, the brush would be a great weapon, one with a handle can be easy to grab. You can hit him in the groin, nose, knee cap, or side of head (temple area) or eardrum. For the discussion assume that we are hitting, or striking in some of the vulnerable body points, groin, nose, ears, eyes, side of the head, and knee caps.

When you strike the groin a hairbrush, it's a straight shot into the groin, or backwards and downward swing or upward swing into his scrotum. You can use the back or the bristles side, to swing up, like you are swinging a paddle. You can smash it into his nose, or chop downwards into his nose. You can do a straight shot into the temple or into his ear. Another vulnerable spot is his knee cap. You would swing that down firmly like you are swinging a ping pong paddle, down on his knee with the back of the brush. It may break, but that's okay, on to the next. How hard you can hit with a brush? See for yourself. Take your brush and hit the back of it against a hard surface like a chair, imagine if this was the attacker's knee cap.

Now that I have mentioned the hair brush, I also wanted to mention the hair comb or ornate sticks that that can hold the hair up. You will use it in a stabbing motion. That goes into the eye or groin.

Aerosol spray bottle or can. Very simply. Spray it into his eyes. You would also use the spray can just like the hairbrush and swing it upward or downward into his groin. You have to be real careful with an aerosol can, because under pressure it could explode.

A pen or pencil. Use a pen or pencil in a stabbing motion. You can aim for the eyes, groin, or side of the neck like this. Keep the blocking arm up and ready.

Small umbrella. This is a small, compact and light-weight "club." The groin is the best target for this. Swing upward, or downward into the groin; use the end and do a straight line into his groin

You can also open the umbrella into his face, and with his vision momentarily blocked, kick him or knee him in the groin. When he finally gets the umbrella out of his face, you can punch him into his nose. I am pretty sure he won't expect that. Another effective way to use an umbrella is to block a punch, or an intended strike. You can use the closed umbrella to strike down on his wrist if he is lunging at you with a weapon. Keep your blocking arm ready and up.

Heel of your shoe. Step on the top of his foot. Kick your heel backwards into his groin if he is attempting to grab you from behind. Kick front into his groin or knee cap. If you are down on the ground and you can reach his face, kick him in the face. If your heel breaks off in the struggle, or you have a broken heel, from a previous party, stab downward with it just like you did with the pen. Groin, or eye if you can reach. If your shoe is off but the shoe and heel is still intake, take the shoe in your hand and chop downward with the exposed high heel.

With a good solid heel, whether it's high heel or not, or a good solid walking shoe; a good kick in the shin bone, knee cap, or groin is a very painful and effective strike. If you have teenagers or small children, teach him or her about the shoes. The school uniform usually comes equipped with a heavy duty dress shoe to match.

Newspaper or magazine. Both the newspaper and magazine look very ordinary. Don't they? Here we have O Magazine and The New York Times Newspaper. If you use these correctly they can also be a surprisingly effective weapon. By rolling up the newspaper or magazine you now have a sturdy, light club. You can use this as a club just like you did the umbrella. The vulnerable points are the groin, and nose. A hard slap or slam motion into his nose and a thrusting motion with the rolled up magazine or newspaper, into his groin. You can use this to block a strike, or bring it down hard on his wrist as you step out of the way. Hold the rolled up newspaper or magazines with one or both hands and thrust it into his groin. Slap it down hard on his wrist as a block.

These common items you probably have in your purse or you have at one time carried your favorite magazine. Knowing that you can make weapons out of common items, gives you an advantage. If you are being attacked, you have resources. Common items as what I've described above, will not be viewed as a weapon by your attacker. You now will have the element of surprise. I hope that none of you reading are attacked. But be prepared, and things will go better if it does occur. Good luck.

By Katheryn Hoban 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Wake Up! Look Up! Protect Yourself!

Next time you're out shopping or driving or just walking around the neighborhood, take a good look at what others around you are doing. Most people today spend their time looking down... looking down at their phones. Texting, looking at pictures or videos or calling someone, not paying attention to what's going around them at all.

I've seen groups of teen girls (and boys) walking together, but not even talking to each other, just giggling and texting! Yes, there may be safety in a group, but not when everyone has their heads down, not paying attention to where they are or who else is around. Self-defense is the last thing on their minds.

I remember being taught to keep my head up and notice my surroundings when walking, especially at night or when alone in case danger was lurking. "Walk in the middle of the street or sidewalk, keep away from alleys and gangways, walk fast and confidently, walk with a friend, and keep your keys in your hand with a pointed end out in case you're attacked"-these were some of the things I was taught growing up in a big city.

These simple instructions can keep you safe no matter where you go, whether you're young or old, male or female, living in an urban, suburban or rural area.

Sure, you can still keep in touch with your friends and family via your cell phone, but maybe every now and then, look up and check out what's going on around you. Maybe someone has been watching or following you, maybe someone is out to grab your phone or purse, or worse.

Keep something sharp in your hand, like a self-defense keychain, just in case. It could save your life. Think about other, ordinary, everyday objects that may be used to fight off an attacker-a pen, sharp fingernails, a large ring, a knife, a monkey fist keychain (a cord covered 1"steel ball), pepper spray or a loud personal panic alarm. There are plenty of other non-lethal self-defense products on the market to use. Check them out to see what you would be comfortable using if necessary.

Maybe you live in a "good" neighborhood or shop at a large, safe shopping mall. Don't be fooled. Criminals attack everywhere and any time. Just watch the news. Cell phones and wallets are the most common items stolen from victims. Perhaps you should keep one of your older style cell phones with you and give that one up if robbed. Just don't be caught talking on the latest cell phone and try to fool the thief with the old one. Keep the new one out of sight until it's safe to use it.

Lock your car as soon as you get inside. Carjacking still happens no matter what the neighborhood. Again, the best defense is to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions so you don't become the next victim.

Don't go it alone... talk with your friends about safety and self-defense. Find a way to make it fun & cool.

Christine is the owner of Platinum Security Products, "Providing Peace of Mind in a Crazy World." She helps people feel safer by providing non-lethal self-defense products that are easy to use.

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By Christine Howatt 

Laser Lipo: The Answer To Noninvasive Liposuction

With winter in full swing, you may find that you begin to put on a little bit of weight. If you are worried about facing that bikini in summer with the lumps and bumps showing, you need to consider noninvasive liposuction. You can easily get your body bikini ready without having to undergo painful surgery.

Noninvasive liposuction will be conducted by using lasers. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a painful process at all. The difference between laser lipo and normal liposuction is that laser lipo does not use the vacuum suction technique. Instead, the laser will send pulses through your body that will generate heat and that will, in turn, begin to melt the fatty deposits. It is not a quick fix solution and will require that you attend more than one session in order for you to see the results. The results will become visible after about five sessions. It is best that you take a 'before and after' photo so that you can truly see what you have achieved. Noninvasive liposuction will help to get rid of not only your fat, but also your cellulite. The treatment will help your body to produce protein collagen that will help to make your skin tighter.

You will be absolutely amazed at the results from laser lipo. There is no need to spend copious amounts of money on getting painful surgery. Instead, you can get the body that you want in a more cost effective way without having to endure the pain that comes along with surgery. Surgery will also require a painful recovery period that you can avoid completely when you choose to get noninvasive liposuction with laser lipo.

How to get perfectly smooth skin

We will do anything to get the perfect body - and that includes sitting through painful waxes in an effort to get rid of unwanted hair. You can avoid these painful trips to the beautician by choosing to go ahead with laser hair removal. Lasers are quickly becoming the most trusted way in which to treat all of the problems that we women experience, such as unwanted hair and cellulite.

Laser hair removal is extremely popular because it produces permanent results. Before you start doing your laser removal, you will have a full consultation. During this consultation, the therapist will be able to determine how many sessions you need in order to completely remove the unwanted hair. This will be determined by the pigmentation of your hair, as well as its coarseness, thickness and the area of the body that you wish to remove it from. There is normally a minimum of five sessions recommended in order to produce the best results.

Laser hair removal works by sending high frequency pulses to the hair follicle. These pulses will make the hair follicle rise in temperature. This heat will help to "kill" the hair follicle permanently leaving you with perfectly smooth skin.

By Kenneth Nel

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Importance Of Women's Safety

Women's safety has been an ongoing issue ever since the first woman appeared on the face of the earth. Some of this is due to the differences in strength between men and women. In most cases, a man has the ability to overpower a woman, but there is more to the safety of women than that. Lack of values and opportunity also play a role in situations involving emotional, mental and bodily harm to women are involved.

Women should never feel that they are at fault for someone else's actions. This is why it is so important that all women are offered training in ways to protect themselves and ensure their safety.

Available Options

Today's woman has numerous options available to them to help keep them safe. Products like stun guns have been on the market as self-defense weapons for 25 years. It is not unusual to hear people say that having the most powerful weapon is the best defense a woman could have, and that may explain why high voltage stun guns have some popularity.

Truthfully, it isn't the high voltage that stops perpetrators in their track; it is the appropriate amperage that does that. The thing is that not everyone knows that just a single amp has enough power to kill a human. This is the reasoning behind the creation of stun guns that only carry 5 to 8 milliamps. This is more than enough to incapacitate attackers long enough for a woman to escape. This is preferable to causing lasting injury or death.

Women have a number of weapons available to keep them safe today. Pepper spray is sometimes recommended for those who spend time walking long apartment building halls or empty parking lots. These days, keeping women safe may involve more than carrying keys splayed in fingers, and a weapon kept in the purse may be hard to get to when you need it.

What Experts Believe

Women's safety experts often advise women to become well versed in tactics intended to help prevent them from ending up victims of attack. Their recommendations typically include taking self-defense classes, but that is not always sufficient. In reality, one must add layers of defense to their system of protection and gain a level of confidence in the use of each. This still may not be enough.

Women's safety is dependent upon a number of different factors. Although it is desirable to have in mind what you will do when an attack is imminent, there are no guarantees that these tactics alone will fend off attackers. Traveling in pairs or groups is the number one way to ensure a woman can be safe. Since most attacks occur to women who are alone having someone with you to help just makes sense.

By Richard Mongiovi

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

How to Get the Faux Glow

Orange is NOT the New Black

Orange is NOT the New Black

Most self-tanners contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a colourless sugar that interacts with the top layer of skin to darken it. Unappealing orange tints from a self tanner are often due to a saturation of DHA which can occur when you layer on too much product or when using a brand containing higher levels of DHA than your skin type can handle. To determine how a self-tanning solution will work with your skin, apply a small amount of product to a test area before covering your whole body. Some people tolerate higher levels of DHA than others based on the tone and pH of your skin. Besides avoiding the urge to slather or spray on loads of product, choosing the right formula can also help determine how your tan appears. Use a reputable brand containing less DHA and build up your colour accordingly. Bronze seekers should also go for products infused with erythrulose, a sugar sourced from raspberries to yield longer lasting results and a beautiful golden hue. Some great self tanners, like those found in the St Tropez collection, also contain green pigment to help counteract any orange.

Scrub Up

Exfoliating thoroughly is the single most important step if you want smooth, streak-free colour. The outer layer of the epidermis, which is what the self tanner interacts with, is composed of dead skin cells that only last seven to ten days before they shed. You want to make sure you have an even layer of dead skin cells so that they all tan and slough off together. Go for a scrub that is gentle (think spherical, man-made beads over granular and uneven ones) to avoid irritating the skin prior to tanning. Ideally you should be seeking out an oil-free scrub to avoid creating a barrier between your skin and the tan. Being sloppy with your scrubbing means that some of the skin will begin shedding after only a day or two, leaving you with an uneven patchy finish.

To Hydrate or Not Hydrate Your Skin?

Many experts recommend moisturising before you tan, while others believe that lotion interferes with the DHA and the skin. A good way to avoid the controversy is to use a gradual tan moisturiser prior to your usual tanning product which is formulated to work with DHA without clogging up your pores. Plus, if you miss a spot with the full-fledged self-tanner, you've already covered it with the gradual tanner. Skin should be dry pre-application, but you should use a light layer of oil-free moisturiser or particularly dry areas like elbows, hands, feet, ankles and knees so they don't over absorb colour. Look for products that contain hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut or avocado oil to help compensate for any dryness. This is a clever fool-proof trick that will solve any dilemmas when it comes to the question of quenching your skin.

Start from the Bottom

Self tanning novices are best off using an easy to control mousse or gel with a wash off cosmetic tint. The advantage here is that you can see what you're doing and you won't miss any spots. For self-tanner veterans, using an aerosol spray is the quickest, most natural option. Start from the bottom of your body and work your way up so that you don't crease the colour when bending.

Shady Lady

To fake cleavage worthy of a Victoria's Secret catalogue, don your favourite push up bra thirty minutes after applying self-tanner. Next use an aerosol spray to contour the M-shaped indentation created by the bra on your decolette. This second coat will make the area appear darker and more defined. Other than this optical illusion, contouring endeavors should be left to the experts to avoid streaky, stripey outcomes. To thin thighs, use a powder body bronzer or long wearing gel to darken the sides of your legs.

VIVA's Top Tanners

For Fair Skin

Creme de la Mer Gradual Tan -Tanning takes on a truly luxurious feeling and is light and subtle enough to compliment a celtic complexion. Tanning rookies can also take part knowing the results will be flawless and even. James Read Liquid Tan in Light - He's the tanning expert to know, spritzing the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Poppy Delevigne. His Liquid Tan creates a natural, long lasting bronzed finish perfect for those with pale complexions.

Medium Skin Tones

St Tropez Bronzing Mousse - This super lightweight, easy to apply, velvety mousse delivers an ultra-even all-over tan. Infused with aloe vera, it dries in 60 seconds and develops naturally and evenly.

Guerlain Terracotta Sunless Tinted Self Tanning Gel - Packed with Argan oil and essential fatty acids, this light gel formula is deeply hydrating, scented with tiare flower and only takes an hour to develop.

Deep Skin Tones

St Tropez Dark Bronzing Spray - This fine, light weight spray tan is perfect for enhancing darker complexions as well as being incredibly long lasting and fragrance free.

Rodial Brazilian Tan Dark - Containing caramel for a rich chocolate hue, this Rodial product is second to none for 

By Nishchint Yogishwar

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Tips For Damage Free Hair Straightening

Flat irons are one of the most popular tools used by women to create the hairstyles they want. The problem with using flat irons every day to make your haircuts look like the one in the magazine, is that hair straightening with flat irons can damage your hair.

Hair straightening can be done frequently, without causing hair damage, as long as you follow some simple tips. Hair straightening is not the problem that causes the damaged hair; it is the catalyst that brings the problem to light.

Haircuts that require the use of flat irons also require that you apply heat protective serums to your hair. You can buy spray on applications of heat protection for your hair, or you can get these products in creams that you apply to your hair. If you are going to use a flat iron on a daily basis then you need heat protection.

Professional straightening techniques can be performed by your stylist. These professional straightening will usually last between three and six months before you need to have them repeated. If you are going to get haircuts that demand straight hair you should consider letting your stylist straighten your hair so that you do not have to use a flat iron each day. This could save you time, and save your hair from heat damages.

If you have split ends, or dry hair, then you need to avoid apply massive amounts of heat to the hair. Hair that is already damaged will not be able to withstand the concentrated heat of the flat iron. Dry hair becomes brittle when it is exposed to frequent applications of heat. You need to provide your hair with plenty of moisture before you begin to iron it straight. If you have split ends think about having the hair trimmed to remove them. There are methods of repairing split ends, but you cannot apply daily heat treatments while you are making these repairs.

Take a break from the heat applications as often as you can. If you are going to use a flat iron each day then try to let your hair dry naturally instead of blow drying it. The blow dryer applies heat to the hair just like the flat iron and by letting the hair air dry you will cut the amount of heat it is exposed to in half.

You can also wash your hair with cooler water than you normally use. A lot of people do not realize that the temperature of the water they wash their hair in can help create damage like flat irons, and blow dryers. The hot water is going to destroy the natural oils in your hair. The natural oils are what prevent the heat from penetrating the entire hair and drying it out. Use cooler water to wash your hair with and you will reduce the amount of natural oils that are stripped from the hair.

By Afshin Nejad 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Anti-Aging Cream

Women as young as 18 years, reveal anti-aging is a benefit they lookout for in their skin care products. It has come to the attention of skin care manufacturers, these women contend with many challenges, including how they look.

The major concern of women between 18 and 24 is oily skin and breakouts, as well as keeping acne at bay, while women above the age of 24 years shift focus toward lightening dark spots arising from sun damage and preventing wrinkles.

Therefore, facial cleansers, facial/neck moisturizer, lip products, facial scrubs and eye-products containing anti-aging ingredients are popular. The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing an anti-aging cream, including:

· Scientific results

Many of the skin care manufacturers seek to promote their products it the best light. Therefore, it is advisable to do your homework and research about the product. It is important to find out whether the product has passed through a scientific analysis for purposes of determining its safety. In addition, find out whether the product has been authorized by the relevant foods and drugs authorities.

· Presence of Vitamin A, C & E

Good anti-aging products contain several basic vitamins, including Vitamin A, C and E. These vitamins are recommended for people looking for a smooth, younger and healthier skin. Vitamin A helps to generate a skin that has the correct tightening.

On the other hand, Vitamin C creates collagen which helps the skin to correctly replenish itself, while Vitamin E, helps to shield the skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays and a quick aging process.

· Effectiveness

Advertisements can be deceiving. Therefore it is advisable to find real people with real experiences of having used a particular product. By reading through the reviews you will have an idea about the quality of the product.

Comments by real customers will help you know what to expect from a particular product. Furthermore, most of the approved companies are convinced of the effectiveness of their product.

As a result, they often give their customers a 1 month money back guarantee. Therefore, if the product falls below your expectation, you can expect to receive a refund.

· Professional recommendation

Any good anti-aging cream can help to maintain a younger look, by getting rid of unwanted face lines and wrinkles. However, not all products work the same way because people have different skin types- some people have sensitive skin while others have coarse skin.

Therefore, before choosing a product it is advisable to consult with your dermatologist who will be able to recommend a product that is right for your skin. The doctor will be able to conduct the necessary test in order to recommend the best product.

By Imma Sila

Friday, 21 March 2014

Laser Hair Removal: Why Is It Worth the Trouble?

Different people have different opinions when it comes to hair removal. In fact, the opinions are so different that the topic has been controversial, especially when cultural and religious factors are involved. However, as we advance so do our perceptions. Today, it is easier to accept hair removal and it is becoming more common and popular.

There are several reasons why people remove body hair. It can be a matter of personal appearance, cleanliness and hygiene or performance or simply fashion trends. Modern hair removal techniques provide good results but many people are still suspicious if these methods will meet their expectations of not. Laser hair removal and electrolysis are currently the most popular permanent removal techniques.

There are other methods of hair removal such as shaving, tweezing, trimming, using depilatory creams etc. but these methods do not provide long-lasting results. Laser removal, on the other hand, provides long-lasting results and is also more convenient and cost-effective. It is not possible to perform the procedure on your own at home. You will have to book an appointment with the clinic. It is also not a one-time affair you will have to get the procedure done multiple times. And by no means it is cheap. However, in the end it is all worth the trouble.

The main advantage of laser removal is that it is permanent. Basically, the procedure involves the use of laser light to kill the hair follicles. The laser burns the hair follicles and prevents hair growth. However, the hair will eventually grow back but you can rest assured that you will be hair free for at least a few years. Even when the hair grows back, it won't be of the same texture as before. Another round of treatment would probably get rid of it. Thus, laser removal provides more or less permanent results.

If you are looking for a way to get rid of excessive body hair, laser removal may be an option for you. For more information about laser hair removal, you can contact your nearest clinic. You will also able to know the exact cost that you will have to pay for the procedure. Keep in mind that the costs vary from country to country. For instance, in developing countries the cost will be less.

Though laser removal has many advantages, it is not without disadvantages. First and foremost, it is not suitable for all skin types. It works best if you have light skin and dark hairs. If you have dark skin, you are not a suitable candidate for laser hair removal. Secondly, it is a costly process. Lastly, it is time-consuming. You will help to do multiple seatings to get desired results.

By A. K. Nath 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Why You Shouldn't Be Ashamed Of Seeking Out Cellulite Treatment

One common reason why women and men who have cellulite refuse to seek treatment is because of the stigma that comes with admitting that they have cellulite. Cellulite, that unsightly form of nonuniform fat commonly spotted on thighs and legs, can be hard to get rid of with just regular diet and exercise techniques. In many cases, cellulite can be so persistent that it can only be removed by professional cellulite treatment methods. Seeking help for visually unappealing cellulite shouldn't be something to be ashamed of - even if it means admitting to yourself and a doctor that you have it.

While teens may find that ignoring issues like acne may cause it to go away in time, ignoring a beauty problem like cellulite will never make it go away. Actually, cellulite that remains unchecked can actually become worse. In very rare cases, cellulite can become so stubborn and rampant that it can make fitting into pants more difficult. By looking into cellulite treatment from a professional office, you can stop the spread of cellulite in its tracks and reverse the aesthetic damage it has already done.

Of course, there is also the issue of embarrassment when talking about problems like cellulite. Women in particular believe that cellulite is a "fat girl's issue." Surprise, surprise - even women who are underweight can get cellulite. Cellulite is actually a genetic issue, which means that there are some cases where it just happens to happen, even if the person in question eats well and exercises regularly. Getting rid of cellulite the natural way often would take a ridiculous amount of effort for those of us who are genetically predisposed to this condition.

Admitting that they have cellulite can be especially brutal for men who have it, since 95% of all people who have cellulite are female. Men shouldn't feel ashamed of seeking help for this, because it will help restore their self confidence. Doctors aren't going to poke fun at a man with cellulite, because it's not a female-only issue. If anything, most doctors will be especially understanding about the way a male patient feels when they ask about cellulite treatment options because it's so rare that it happens.

The vast majority of women and a decent amount of men will struggle with cellulite at one point in their lives or another. Though it's easy to let people shame you for actually wanting to do something about your cellulite, it'd make your life a lot easier to look for inexpensive cellulite treatment for you. After all, when summer comes around, you want to make sure that you look great in shorts, don't you? By just trying one or two cellulite treatment sessions or techniques, you might be able to get your body picture perfect within a matter of months.

By David Rabia

Stay Young With Best Skin Care Solutions

Have you begun noticing wrinkles on your face? Do you feel you look older? You are not alone! Begin your transformation today. The cosmetic market is flooded with skin care solutions from innumerable brands. This article discusses about how you can begin to look younger and say goodbye to wrinkles and age spots.

Quality of Skin Products
Quality is one factor you can never ford to compromise on. Research thoroughly about different anti aging skin care products. The internet revolution has brought information to our finger tips. Read reviews online and post questions on beauty forums. This will give you a rough idea on the best products in the market.

You also have the option of going for natural skin care solutions. Ponds age miracle and Olay skin care are considered to be the best in the market. Apart from this Aloe Vera gel has become popular because of its magical natural healing process. To begin with you can choose to decide on a few products like facial cream, body lotion and an under eye cream.

Caring for Your Skin
Our skin undergoes a lot of stress due to environmental and health factors. UV radiation and pollution has contributed to premature aging in a big way. Certain medicines have also stimulated age spots and lines over a period of time. This has made regular skin care a necessity.

Keep in mind cleaning your skin before applying your skin care products is important. Daily application is vital to see tangible results. Regular skin care will help you keep your skin nourished and hydrated. Using a facial scrub once or twice a week which will help open your skin pores and keep your face clean. Covering your face with a scrap when stepping out in the sun will help prevent further damage. You may also use gloves or wear full sleeve clothes to protect your hands. Apart from this it is a good practice to wash your face, neck and hands after travelling.

Online cosmetic shops have made things easier for consumers. You can browse through products and reviews before placing your order. Most of the reputed websites offer a quick turnaround time for the order placed. This way your product reaches you the same day in most cases. There is an old saying which goes "Prevention is better than Cure". Start taking care of your skin early and stay young and beautiful.

By Olivia Ha 

Breast Implant Costs You May Not Have Considered

Women interested in breast implants often want to know how much they cost. When they research it online, they may be surprised to find that they only cost about $3,500. Unfortunately, most procedures don't end up totaling that amount, and many times, women are floored when they see it cost them double the amount they thought it was going to be. The reason the costs are more is because it's not only breast implants you have to pay for, but you have to pay for everything that goes into getting them put into your chest.

Medical Follow-Up

Breast augmentation is surgery, so you will need to have a medical exam and tests. You may have to pay for them if your insurance company refuses.
Surgical Fees

Surgeons charge you for their time. You will need to pay your plastic surgeon, and this is on top of what the actual implants cost.

You will also need to pay for the surgical facility. If it's done in a hospital setting, you'll have to pay for the room. The costs may be lower if it's done at a medical center, so keep that in mind as you do your research.


You don't want to have breast augmentation without anesthesia. You will have to pay for the drugs you receive and the anesthesiologist's time. This can be expensive, but like all things, you can shop around.

Pain Medications

Most insurance companies will not pay for pain medication when they are for plastic surgery. You will need to factor in the cost of those pain medications because you will likely have to pay for them out of pocket.

Garments for Recovery

You will likely have to wrap yourself following the procedure. You will need to pay for these garments.

Paying for It All

Breast implant cost includes the surgeon's fees, surgical facility fees, anesthesia, pain medications, and garments. Some plastic surgeons will group all the fees into one. You pay him one fee and he ends up paying everyone and everything else you need for the procedure. If you like this better, be sure to ask about this when you have your consultation. This way you will know exactly what you need to pay, so you can financially prepare yourself for it.

By Marcelina L Hardy 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Easy, Safe, And Effective Hair Growth Tips

Hair care and hair growth are important to many people, and you may be wondering about how to make your hair grow faster and look its best as well. Tips may range from simple and natural to hazardous and complex, but a brief overview about how to make hair grow faster can help you achieve a healthy look in the safest way possible.

Regular trimming can be excellent for promoting hair growth. This may sound counterproductive at first, but trimming removes damaging split ends and promotes healthy hair follicles. How to grow hair faster may be as simple as getting your hair trimmed every two months or as needed.

Adhering to a balanced diet can have a significant impact on the health of your hair, and this is why vitamins for hair growth can be beneficial. You can promote the growth of your hair by consuming foods that are rich in biotin, iron, pantothenic acid, vitamin E, and retinol. Excess amounts of these vitamins and minerals can have adverse effects on your skin, immune system, and hair, but minerals and vitamins for hair growth that are taken according to a recommended daily intake can leave you with safe and positive benefits.

Getting enough rest and a proper amount of sleep can improve many areas of your life, and your hair may benefit as well. Rest and sleep allow your body to relax and rejuvenate, and this includes cell repair and the growth of your hair.

You may find many prescription and nonprescription drugs that claim to promote hair growth, but you should use caution when considering chemicals and medicines. Natural herbs have been linked with increased blood flow to the scalp, and this is why natural herbs may be safe and effective in many instances. A three to five minute scalp massage with various herbs may lead to greater hair health.

3 Things You Can Do at Home

You can blend red onion and carrots to create a good scalp treatment. You should apply this mixture prior to your hair wash.

A raw egg mixed with Aloe Vera is another good scalp massage treatment.

A paste composed of mashed birth control pills can be massaged into your scalp. You should leave this on your hair for ten minutes and then wash it out with a gentle shampoo.

By Leonardo Clemenza

Monday, 17 March 2014

Stun Guns And Tasers - What Is The Difference?

Many people, including those in the news media, often mistakenly equate tasers and stun devices. While tasers are all stun devices all stun devices are not tasers; the two are nowhere near being equal. Here we will explain the difference between the two so you can decide which one you want for your self-defense and personal safety.

A stun gun is a handheld nonlethal self-defense weapon that is second only to pepper sprays in terms of popularity. An electrical charge that is high voltage and low amperage is conducted through two or more probes on one end of the device. The electrical charge short-circuits the body's muscular system depleting the blood sugars so there is no energy left to do harm.

A stun gun must be applied to an assailant for 3 to 5 seconds in order for the effects to take place. It is on average close to 85% effective. The effects are not long-lasting and wear off after about five or 10 minutes, which is plenty long for a victim to escape and get help. Stun devices range in cost from just below $20 up to just under $50 each.

Tasers on the other hand shoot out two electrified darts up to 15 feet away for civilian models. The darts are connected to wires that are electrified with low-voltage and high amperage which gives it its stunning near 100% takedown rate. It has been rated to be more effective than a 9 mm handgun.

It uses neural muscular incapacitation (NMI) that temporarily overrides the command and control systems of the body to impair muscular control.

They also use a "sophisticated pulse wave that utilizes a high voltage leading edge to penetrate barriers such as clothing around the body followed by a lower voltage stimulation pulse to cause NMI."

Tasers are so effective that they are used by 90% of the 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States and in at least 10 foreign countries. Next to pepper sprays, a taser is the primary nonlethal self-defense weapon for any law enforcement officer. How is that for an endorsement?

Tasers for civilians range in price from the low $400's up to as much as $1,000.00.

As you can see, the differences between a stun gun and a taser are enormous in just about every category from price to effectiveness to size. The one you choose may save your life but certainly will be part of your personal safety.

By James Lesney

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Skin Care for Extreme Dry Skin

I have recently found the best products for dry skin. I have extremely dry skin, actually I have eczema. So every year in October my skin starts acting really funny. My dermatologist told me if I lived in Florida I wouldn't have any skin problems. But I don't, I live in Chicago where the weather is brutal on my skin 6 months out of the year. If you go to a dermatologist for any dry skin issue they will give you a cortisone based cream. It may clear up the problem, but it also thins out your skin. My normal remedies were not working this year, which sent me on a search for something better. Here is what I found.

For my body I started using First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. This stuff is like a miracle! I had red dry flaky patches up and down both arms and across my chest and shoulders. I would wake up at night to scratch my arms and legs because they were so dry and irritated. After the first application I noticed an improvement in my skin, the itchiness was gone immediately. I applied it morning and night, within 1 week my skin looked awesome. It's very rich and moisturizing, but not heavy or greasy. It soaks right in and doesn't leave any white residue on your clothing. MUST HAVE for winter dryness!

For my face, the only thing I changed is in my nightly routine. After I cleanse my skin I apply Fresh Seaberry Face Oil. Several drops on my face and I softly massage it in, I even will apply it under my eyes. This oil is so moisturizing and feels so amazing on my skin. The smell of it makes me feel like I'm in a spa set in the middle of a flower garden. It does not leave any greasy residue on my pillow case and it does not break me out. I have been using this every night for 3 weeks and my skin has never looked so awesome. My skin is glowy and even toned and baby soft. You will definitely have to wash your face in the morning. You can not apply make-up over top of this and wear it all day. The results are amazing! Another MUST HAVE!

Here are my 2 must haves for winter dryness. The winter weather can be very harsh on skin, so take extra good care of your skin! Keep yourself looking young forever!

By Rachel Barkules 

The Effects of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can haunt a person for their lifetime. When a victim survives this type of attack, it can take years of therapy for them to begin working past some of the emotions that come up as a result. The most common of those being:

Loss of emotion
Loss of trust
Self blame

If you are the victim of sexual assault, you need to understand that none of this was your fault and that you aren't alone in this. Every two minutes, someone else is being sexually assaulted. That means each year there are 237,868 victims. Of those, 44% of the victims are under the age of 18, while 80% of all the reported cases are those under the age of 30.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the assault can't happen to others. There is evidence that the elderly, disabled individuals and both genders can be assaulted. Of these individuals 2/3 knew the person who was attacking them and 38% of the attacks came from people that the victim was a friend or acquaintance with. This established level of trust, is one of the reasons why most rapes actually take place in homes, offices and even vehicles during the day, rather than in a dark alley in the middle of the night.

After an assault, the victim often experiences fear and embarrassment. This is why 60% of victims don't take the time to report the crime to the police. The fact they aren't being reported and a crowded legal system also results in 97% of attackers from never spending a single day in jail. Even then, most attackers claim they had a false claim made against them when in truth only 2% of attacks are falsely reporting according to the FBI.

A lot of the misconception about sexual assault has led to problems when dealing with these crimes. Many people look at victims as being someone who provoked the attack by dressing suggestively or asking to be attacked. The truth is that these attacks are about power and control and the victim is left humiliated and degraded afterwards. Meaning this isn't something that they ever asked for or deserved.

Some other important things to keep in mind include:
It is possible for a man to be sexually assaulted. One out of every six man has been a victim of sexual abuse in their life. However, the majority of these cases go unreported.
Typically, these assaults occur between members of the same race. Although, while uncommon interracial assaults do happen.
Even when a person doesn't physically fight back, if the sex is against their will it is an assault. Many victims will never try to fight back because of their attacker's size, threats, shock and the fear of the unknown.

When this type of crime takes place, you need to remember you are never alone. When an assault takes place, make sure you contact the police and they will take you to get medical treatment. You can then meet with professionals at crises centers, speak to therapists and do what you can to begin the healing process and always understand that none of this is actually your fault.

By Richard Mongiovi

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

What You Didn't Know About Airbrush Makeup Vs Traditional Makeup

1. Airbrush makeup applied properly is 'invisible' through a camera and on digital/print view.

Reason being that airbrush makeup is sprayed in hundreds of 'dots'.

Similarly, a camera picks up light and displays it in pixels on your computer screen or the LCD screen. Pixels are tiny, tiny dots as well.

Airbrush makeup is applied the same way a camera reads what is infront of it, which is tiny dots of color, which is why it is extremely easy to have 'invisible' makeup with airbrush makeup!

2. Airbrush makeup isn't always the most natural way of doing makeup.

Every skin and person is unique and an experienced makeup artist is able to use different mediums to produce the most 'natural' result for you.

For example, when a person has very dry, parched skin, sometimes using a gel based foundation will work better than airbrush because it will 'tone' and hydrate the skin better than an airbrush makeup will. (depending on the formula and brand)

For example, I look and treat the skin first, then I determine which medium will produce the healthiest look of skin for them that similarly reflects the same skin throughout their body, as if it was at it's optimal, healthiest state.

3. You can achieve the 'airbrush' makeup look with traditional makeup!

Yes an experienced makeup artist with the right layering technique can produce an invisible effect as well.

It just takes more blending and knowledge of deceiving the way light is picked up on the camera. Powder helps this because it is also tiny, tiny dots, similar to airbrushing. It comes out 'softer' looking.

Airbrushing has it's way of having the edges already blended but with traditional makeup, the blending is manual with your brushes.

4. Airbrush makeup doesn't mean it's longer lasting either.

It depends how it is set and the prep of the skin, and treatment of the skin before the makeup is applied.

40% of the makeup application is in the skincare prep and moisturizing ritual.

If you don't prep the skin well enough, most likely your makeup will oxidize faster, slide, or sweat off in a worse case scenario!

5. Airbrush makeup isn't for fine lines and the elderly and mature skin!

You need a brush to get into the crevices so it all depends on the medium of the artist once again.

For skin that has fine lines, ideally you require a brush to make sure that it can get into the folds for optimal results.

For example, when that face starts to move, you don't want gaps of makeup and areas with no makeup when the skin stretches!

After, make sure that you set it with powder so that it prevents creasing.

6. Airbrush makeup is great for covering blemishes, especially ones that are patchy!

If you go in with a brush and makeup, you need to blend out the edges to make sure that the concealed area is blended well.

With an airbrush gun, it delivers the already blended area immediately and all you are required to do after, is to powder the concealed blemish.

It also prevents you having to go in with a brush that disturbs any patchy, flaky skin otherwise. You can avoid it with a patting motion but most cases, it's easier and can be faster to apply with an airbrush gun.

In Summary,

A lot of people like to 'hype' up airbrush makeup but truth is, it is just a tool and an option to make some applications easier to apply versus traditional makeup.

It's skill over the tool, and the purpose of why it is used, not just the tool itself.
(For example if I gave a 10 year old an airbrush and a paint brush with some paint, it doesn't mean airbrush would be 'better'.)

It does give a different look to your makeup that is unlike any other finish because it's sprayed on, but improperly applied it can look even worse than if you applied your own foundation traditionally!

If you're looking at this in hopes to see if you should invest in an airbrush machine, I would advise to skip it. The idea seems more promising than the reality where you have to close your eyes to 'guess' where you spray your makeup. Not to mention the difficult steps to cleaning your airbrush gun and machine too. It always has to be clean and properly taken care of or it will clog!

If you're trying to decide airbrush vs traditional makeup with an artist, look at their work on the difference.

The best way to indicate if the artist is good for you is if you were to look at their before and afters without the use of professional photography and post editing in Photoshop. You can determine their skill level and work if they're able to deliver that result to you that you wish for that way, rather than judging if they are an airbrush artist or not.

In this industry, I've met fantastic artists that choose not to use airbrush makeup as a medium because they're extremely skilled with traditional makeup.

By Olivia Ha 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Best Hair Removal Methods and Products

Excessive body hair is a nightmare for every modern woman. Having excessive body hair can be a painful experience. It can also lower self-esteem and confidence. It is almost the same for men. Being too hairy can affect social interaction especially since people will always be talking about the hairy growth and not about other valuable things such as character.

If you have excessive body hair, you do not have to worry. Many methods and products are available in the market today. And these do provide good results. In fact, these products are a separate industry of their own. This is a clear-cut indication of how much people want to be hair free. Because of the large number of products available in the market, it is important for consumers to take proper decisions while buying these products.

Here are some of the common hair removal methods and products:

Hair removal creams and lotions

Creams and lotions are the most popular way to get rid of unwanted body hair. They are cheap and can be easily purchased. They're also easy to use. All that you have to do is apply a layer of the cream or lotion on the area with unwanted hair, wait for some time and then wash it off. The chemicals present in these products dissolve the hair strands and remove them. Hair removal sprays are also available these days. The main disadvantage with hair removal creams and lotions is that they contain harmful chemicals which can cause allergic reactions. You should always do a patch test before using this products.

Threading and waxing

Threading and waxing are cheap way of removing unwanted hair. However, they are time-consuming and painful as well. Threading cannot be used to remove hair on larger areas. It also doesn't work effectively if the hairs are too thick.


Shaving is another easy method to remove unwanted hair. Special shaving razors are available for women. These are designed for shaving legs and arms.

Shaving is cost-effective but it is not permanent. The hairs will grow back within just a few days. It also needs to be done carefully as there is a risk of cuts, rashes and irritation.


Epilatories remove the hair from the root mechanically. They are effective for removing a few hair strands but cannot be used on larger skin surfaces.


Electrolysis is becoming very popular these days. The method involves the application of electricity to the hair roots to remove the hairs. It is painful and time-consuming but provides very good results. It also provides permanent results.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is an advanced and effective hair removal technique. As the name suggests, it involves the use of laser to destroy the hair follicles and prevent hair growth in the future. It provided more or less permanent results. Laser hair removal technique is very effective but it is not suitable for everybody. And it is not light on the budget either.

By A. K. Nath