Thursday, 6 March 2014

Secrets Unveiled on Making Perfumes Last Longer

Senses expound all the details around us in a very encyclopedic way. The warmth of sun, the beauty of spring, the smell of the flowers are all felt only because of the senses. One couldn't simply imagine the life without senses. Out of all the senses one possess, the sense of smell is the most important and powerful one in an exciting person. A good smell always resembles a healthy environment and is easily approachable. Good smell around us boosts the confidence inside us and helps us in maintaining the relations in the society.

A perfume is the one that decimate the odor which is a result of sweating after a long tiresome day. It spreads pleasant smell around us and makes us sociable. In a group, one needs to be gregarious and for this he/she has to smell pleasant and for this we prefer perfumes. We spray perfumes all around the body for a pleasant smell. But this is not the end of the problem. We have to smell good throughout the entire day. We can't carry a perfume with us and spray it whenever it is. Here are the secrets that you always wanted dig out in preserving the smell of the perfumes to last longer.

Now let us look at the steps we have to take for a perfume to last longer. Some of them are listed as below:

1.The perfumes are to be stored properly: The perfumes may get degraded when exposed to sun and light which in turn effects the smell. The pleasant smell of the perfumes may turn into odoriferous when it is exposed to sun. So we need to store it in a dark place in our home. The chemicals used in it may also start reacting and cause other side effects like allergies, rashes etc. This suggests us to store our perfume in a dark and dry place.

2.Using the right amount of perfume: All of us has got different types of skin. Some of them can withhold the smell of perfumes for a long time and hence a little quantity may be sufficient. On the other hand, there are many who will need more puffs. In fact perfumes get evaporated on a dry skin very quickly but the oily skin can withhold the aroma for a longer time.

3.Applying perfumes depending on the weather conditions: Heat usually energizes the chemicals present in a perfume to react and give strong fragrance. Therefore, in warm temperature only little amount of it would be sufficient whereas in cold weather we may have to spray a bit high.

4.Applying perfume to the pulse points: This is one unique practice followed by many and has proven effects as well. The beauty is that you don't have to shake the entire bottle; instead a mild application can do the job!

Also, the application of perfumes right after bath and just before dressing up plays a vital role in holding the smell for a longer time.

By Rizvana Manzoor

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